Substance Use Disorder Professional

What you do:

  • Work with individuals to help them overcome their dependency on alcohol and drugs to become self-sufficient
  • Provide assessment, treatment and recovery services to individuals, groups and families
  • Help patients on the path to recovery

What does it take to become a substance use disorder professional?

High school diploma or equivalent

College degree

An associate’s degree in human services or related field
Successful completion of 90 quarter or 60 semester college credits in courses from an approved school

Training/Supervised hours

How many hours? The amount of hours required depends on your level of college education.

  • Associate degree: 2,500 hours in substance abuse counseling
  • Bachelor’s degree: 2,000 hours in substance abuse counseling
  • Master’s degree: 1,500 hours in substance abuse counseling

Not sure if it’s for you but curious?

Your local substance use treatment center might have positions that aren’t clinical where you can get some experience to see if it’s a match for you!

Additional resources and information:

Learn more about what substance use disorder professionals do, how to get started, and licensed.

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